Our Company's Strengths

Trusted by many customers, we strive to be a unique manufacturer with our high technology and out-of-the-box thinking

Mochizuki Press Industrial aims to be a company full of originality, based on advanced technologies developed since our foundation and a flexible way of thinking. To meet the various demands of our customers, we strive to achieve unique and trustworthy manufacturing and provide products with high added value.

Integrated manufacturing from metal molds to metal processing products

At our company, we integrate all processes from metal mold design and production to metal product manufacture by press working. When a customer submits a plan, we can handle everything through to product manufacture.
Having everything from metal mold design to product manufacture done by one company makes maintenance easier and leads to superior quality and cost-effectiveness.

die fabrication

Building a networked press production control system

We have built our own in-house network system that facilitates information sharing in production control, quality control, and metal mold maintenance control.
By centrally controlling production performance and inspection results collected from the work floor, we are able to improve quality through the optimization of production plans and sharing of inspection results, and maintain quality through the regular maintenance of metal molds.

Unique efficiency-orientated work environment

A feature of our company’s factory is its brightly lit work environment without cranes for replacing metal molds. That’s because we replace metal molds by our own unique method instead of using a crane. Incorporating this special technique for setting metal molds has improved safety and increased operational efficiency, enabling us to complete metal mold replacement within 30 minutes.

Setting dies

Proposals to facilitate customers’ operations

Rather than just deliver products, we submit a proposal for the customers who will use those products in order to help their operations go smoothly.
For example, rather than deliver individual products to a customer, we jointly developed a machine at the customer’s premises so that we could take a whole roll to them and detach parts in situ. Supplying products with that machine has helped to improve the customer’s operations.

Supply equipment

Acquisition of both ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment)

Our company acquired the ISO 9002 quality management system standard in 1998 before switching to ISO 9001 in 2003. We implement consistent quality control and deliver high-quality products to our customers. We also conduct our business activities with consideration for the global environment, having acquired the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard in 2006.
In 2014, we installed a solar power generation facility at our site to promote the use of renewable energies and help to reduce our impact on the environment.

ISO9001 ISO14001

Supporting the supply of products to Southeast Asia

Our company launched a base in the Vietnamese city of Haiphong 2013 so that we could meet the needs of customers in the Southeast Asian region. We have now established a system that can supply products to both Japan and Southeast Asia.
Our Vietnam factory is engaged in thorough quality control and environmental management having acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification in 2014 and TS 16949 certification a year later in 2015.