Metal mold production

Our technologies and ideas meet increasingly complex and sophisticated customer demand for high-mix low-volume production.

With its substantial metal mold processing facilities including the latest machines, our Metal Mold Production Division addresses all possibilities from the design stage onward as it pursues metal mold production with high precision, productivity and labor-saving in mind.

Metal mold design

Quick estimates using 3D data

Estimates usually require 3D plans with measurements, but if a customer gives us their product’s 3D model data, we can create a dimensionally accurate display for an estimate.
We can also show the price of the metal mold and parts. In this way, we are able to provide an estimate before preparing plans with detailed measurements, which is particularly pleasing for customers because it gives them more time to draw up their plans.

Design with productivity and maintenance in mind

Our metal molds are made in nested form with maintainability in mind. Also, by using commercially available standard parts, we have shortened our metal mold processing times. In doing so, we have also shortened the maintenance time and improved the maintainability of our metal molds.
To increase the productivity of our presses, we have designed them so that their metal molds can be replaced quickly by our own unique method instead of using a crane.

Metal mold production

Operating in an environment suitable for metal mold production

By keeping the indoor temperature at 21°C all year round, we have created an environment in which metals do not expand or contract. Maintaining this constant temperature environment enables us to manufacture metal molds with a higher degree of accuracy.

Optimization with original NC program editing software

We have created an original software program for extracting the working coordinates from a graphic file (DFX format) and editing that data, and use it in operating cutting machines. Automating the inputting of coordinates enables us to shorten input time and operate machinery more efficiently.
With our wire processing machines, we have created software to fine-tune the correction values for each model of processing machine, which helps to improve working accuracy.

Precision machining center enables working with 0.3 Φ tools

This photo shows a product number stamp, an example of the kind of detailed work possible with the precision machining center.
At our company, installing high-end equipment such as a precision machining center has enabled us to meet a wide range of customer demands.

Test machine installed for thorough testing

We have permanently installed a dedicated test machine (80t press) with which we conduct uncompromising and conclusive tests and check accuracy before a product goes onto the production line.