Message from the President

Mochizuki Press Industrial was founded in 1893 as a metalworking company before going on to specialize in press working from 1952. We are engaged in metal mold design and production, molding, and the development of press peripheral equipment.

We aim for technology that is always one step ahead of the field, and all our employees carry out day-to-day improvements under a basic policy of “better, faster, cheaper” with our customer needs in mind.

Going forward, we will strive to develop into a company that serves our customers and society, focusing on the technical development of presses and establishing even higher levels of quality.

Takanori Mochizuki

Takanori Mochizuki

Corporate Philosophy

- Our Responsibility -

We will pursue the happiness of all our employees and contribute to society through manufacturing.

- Our Goal -

As professionals in metal processing, we will deliver the highest standard of technology and service.

Core Values
- Our Promises -

We will build trust by practicing the “five mindsets” of honesty, introspection, humility, service, and gratitude.

Basic Action Guidelines

  • We will realize comfortable workplace environments that take health and safety into consideration.
  • We will consider our customers’ standpoint and manufacture products that are trusted.
  • We will see all matters as our own responsibility, not that of others, when we do our work.
  • We will take on challenges without fear of failure and achieve self-growth.
  • We will act on the basis of the 5S principles (Seiri/Sort, Seiton/Straighten, Seiso/Shine, Seiketsu/Standardize, and Shitsuke/Sustain).

Company Profile

Founded in 1893
Established in June 1,1961
Capital 10 millon JPY
President Takanori Mochizuki
Employees 60 employees
Address 1359,Hirooka,Fukuroi-City,Shizuoka Pref,437-0021,Japan
Telephone +81-538-42-3225
Fax +81-538-43-2361
Land 16,250 m²
Buildings 4,190 m²
Description of Business Carrying out metal mold design and production, metal press working, and manufacture of electrical parts and instrument parts.
Banks Shizuoka Bank, Mabuchi Branch and Fukuroi Branch
Hamamatsu-Iwata Shinkin Bank, Fukuroi Branch
Mizuho Bank Hamamatsu Branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Hamamatsu Branch
Main Customers Yazaki Parts Co.,Ltd.
Yazaki Meter Co.,Ltd.
Yazaki Energy System Corporation
Cable Technica Co.Ltd
Nanbu Plastics Co.,LTD


1893 Founded by Torakichi Mochizuki (great-grandfather of the current president) at 5-8 Hiyoshi-cho, Shizuoka.Started to manufacture architectural and household hardware goods.
May,1952 Switched to the manufacture of electrical parts for automobiles.
June,1961 Established Mochizuki Press Industrial Co., Ltd. (¥1 million capital).
January,1962 Moved to the new factory building at 142 Nishiwaki, Shizuoka.
February,1964 Built new Makinohara Plant in Haibara-cho, Haibara District. Added the manufacture of instrument parts for automobiles.
July,1969 Moved Makinohara Factory to the Precision Machinery Industrial Park in Hirooka, Fukuroi-shi.
January,1980 Integrated factories due to business expansion, moved to the current location.
March,1984 Yoshihiro Mochizuki appointed president.
September,1984 Capital increased to ¥10 million.
May,1986 Electric discharge machining room added.
May,1991 Air-conditioning added.
January,1993 Developed own horizontal press with fully automated feeder for standard-size materials.
June,1993 Introduced two-process robot system.
May,1996 Introduced fully automated washer/dryer. (Hydrocarbon system)
July,1998 Acquired ISO9002 certification.
June,1999 Introduced barcodes to inventory and shipping management. 。
2003 Acquired ISO9001 certification.
November,2006 Acquired ISO14001 certification.
June,2007 Acquired ISO9001 certification. (Expanded scope of certification)
January,2008 Introduced high-precision flat grinders.
December,2009 Introduced 80t high-speed press with automatic scrap ejector.
January,2013 Established Mochizuki Press Vietnam Co., Ltd. (US$907,000 capital, 100% owned subsidiary, located in Haiphong)
2014 Installed solar power generation facility (250kW generation capacity)
April,2015 Installed 100t high-speed press with automatic scrap ejector.
August,2015 Takanori Mochizuki appointed president.
May,2016 Capital of Mochizuki Press Vietnam increased to 2,907,000US$.
May,2019 Installed 200t transfer press.
May,2019 Introduced robotic inspection system.
May,2019 ¥4.8 billion annual turnover (58th fiscal year)